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Corporate Chiropractic

The Key to Company Wellness

Now is the time to bring chiropractic to your employees. Why? Keeping your employees healthy is  profitable. It makes them feel valued, increases productivity, decreases injury & decreases health costs. It just makes good sense-

Employees like to work when their companies care about them.  Employers save on health-care costs, while employees enjoy the convenience of easy-to-access care.

Read more below about wellness program benefits & how to initiate on-site corporate care with Doc MC


Getting On-site Chiropractic to Your Business

Take the next steps to have Doc MC visit your company. Doc MC will bring her experience, her skill set & her good vibes to promote wellness, boost your mood, improve your focus & decrease overall stress.

Follow the steps below.

Choose a payment structure

Option 1- Employer pays $200/hr for up to 4 hours

(4-6 patients/hr)


Option 2- Employee pays using their HSA/Paypal/Venmo/Cash

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