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Recommendation Links

During your course of treatment, I will often make suggestions regarding nutritional support as well as biofeedback recommendations. Below I have included quick links to my most common suggestions.

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Using my site, you can access 20,000 different physician recommendations for supportive care of countless conditions and deficiencies. Supplements are sent directly to you. 


Body Measurements

Monthly Weight Loss Challenges

Join in at the beginning of each month to lose weight, lose inches & gain knowledge. Good nutrition combined with fitness, meditation & motivational practices are the keys to a wellness lifestyle.  I'll share all the tools you'll need for success.

Weight loss products can be ordered below at standard prices.

Healthy Green Smoothies


One of my favorite wellness companies over my many years in practice has been Herbalife. Not only will your energy return, it can address practically every health concern you may have. Nutrition clubs are nationwide, where you can try one of a kind shakes & loaded teas.   

Save as a preferred member here  

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